The International InternetClub
with Qcircle, the new world eConsortium

We provide internet enhancement solutions and applications.

International Internet Club  is a Knowledge Partner of BPII Organisation. InternetClubs.com @ Qcircle promotes practical application of internet media ans provides  IT support to fellow members of the eConsortium.

Qcircle is the leading hub in advancing the career of individuals and improving the performance of businesses. It offers a wide range of pathway opportunities for members to learn, innovate to enterprise and re-invent  themselves to the new world. Here, we structured an integrated Global Education and Business Development Portal for inter-disciplinary learning and cooperative development. We offer a new growth paradigm.


glo_educationGlobal Education : Members Awards for members to be recognised for affiliation with us in their job and career development.



glo_businessGlobal Business : Progression Plan for members to continue with us in their enterprising and entrepreneurial endeavours.



We established a Members' Consortium with a unique knowledge management system for our networked members and strategic partners to work in synergy to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

Slide 1Global Consortium : Inter-disciplinary and transnational. Partnering for real growth worldwide.




Our Unique Value Proposition

Education + Business. Consortium





Registered trademark for brand recognition

Qcircle is an online division of BPII Organisation. It is open for participation through a choice of Consortium Plan worldwide.

Be part of the new world Consortium. 



Consortium Members are empowered to promote Qcircle and its applications as their value added services.

The scope of services will be allocated on subscription of a Consortium Plan. The selected plan provides the Privileges and Program for financial returns. 


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