The Internet Club

International Internet Club  

International Internet Club is a division of BPII Organisation and hosts as an online Knowledge Partners Portal at Qcircle.

It is a multi-faceted development and exchange hub. It is a platform for both business and social interaction in the sharing of regenerative endeavours among its members. It provides the space for cooperative development with e-business and e-networking hubs and an ecommerce enabled platform for members.

Special e-bizcreation programs and posting privileges for students and entrepreneurs.


An open platform for purposeful exchanges of all kinds. Participation is by subscription of a Consortium Plan

The Club is supported by a well built mega infrastructure of interconnected specialty portals and service channels. Members can explore the opportunities within the Club and find their own fit for a practical application. The Club offers both educational and business opportunities.

Education :

  • Internet Media Development
  • Professional and Business Certification Award
  • E-bizcreation. A quick start up plan for online enterprising for both entrepreneurs and professionals

The Club is open for all members to seek transformational change for new growth in the internet world. Members can subscribe to an E- Networking and E- Business Hub as aid to their growth process.

Business :

  • Professional Consulting and Advisory
  • Consortium Members Registry Plan

The Club provides business advisory with a unique eConsortium Registry Plan that accords members the opportunity to partake with us the development process and for them to meet new economy challenges in the global marketplaces.

The Club organises solution and gateway program awards .



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